Our Story

Foxes Fotography Inc was originally created in Florida, USA in 2013 and has been making dreams come true ever since throughout the world. Our team of professional agents and staff have been selected to join our team through a detailed selection process of local talent to ensure we bring onboard the most competent professionals in the field who understand the local vibe and culture. We are experts in not only discovering new talent, but ensuring we developing a professional relationship with everyone involved.


We can say the major difference between our agency and others is our commitment to ensuring all those in our team maintain the utmost of respect and professionalism in all we do. We’re fueled by the success of our clients and from the very beginning, provide the personalized attention and training they need to pursue their dreams. Our compensation package and services are industry-leading because we understand the models and actors we represent, are our company.


FFI is a home to those who value a professional environment with no surprises. We have working relationships with major labels and studios in the USA, Vietnam, and now expanding to South America to make the most of opportunities for our clients. What started as a small agency has steadily grown in scope, overcome challenges, and built a strong reputation because of our commitment to our models and actors and their future. Join us and become part of the Foxes Fotography story.